Revitalize RVA

Aerial View of Shockoe Bottom Revitalization Plan

Welcome to the homepage for the Revitalize RVA Plan proposed by Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones. This redevelopment plan will usher in a new era of growth and development for Downtown Richmond.

Slavery & Freedom Heritage Site

In the process, it will provide a significant economic development boost, including new jobs, to Shockoe, the East End and the entire City. Importantly, key financial pieces are already in place, as this development, along with the new ballpark, will be paid for largely through new taxes generated by a significant investment from the private sector.

Market promenade

This site includes helpful information on the many aspects of this Revitalization Plan, including the historical, residential, commercial and entertainment benefits that it will bring to the City of Richmond, its residents and the community at large.

Revitalize RVA Map

Revitalize RVA Project Map

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